Solva Woollen Mill

In 1900 there were 26 woollen mills in the county of Pembrokeshire. Moved to its present site from St. Davids in 1907 by Tom Griffiths, the new purpose built factory was powered by a 10 foot overshot water-wheel. It was equipped with the machinery to process fleece into fabric, a number of small powered looms and a hand loom for weaving stair carpet, a cropping machine and a flannel press.

Weaving shed

During recent years the mill has outgrown it’s “temporary” weaving shed built in 1955! So after some careful planning a three stage expansion plan was developed. Phase 1 is now complete and home to the warping equipment.

Shop & Tea room

Where once dye pots and fulling machines were sited the building has been turned into a Tea Room, the old drive wheel from the water wheel and overhead line shafts can still be seen. The old mill that once contained carding engines, spinning mules and looms is now a wonderful new shop.

Solva Woollen Mill is the oldest working woollen mill in Pembrokeshire. It has been continuously working since 1907 weaving fabrics of the highest quality that furnish homes around the world. Today the mill specialises in flat woven rugs and runners using only 100% British Wool.

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